Is Ezoic Worth It? My Experience Using Ezoic Vs. Adsense

Are you considering using Ezoic for your display ads? If so, you are in the right place. In this article, I will share my personal experience using Ezoic and detail whether it was worth it.

Here’s a little bit of background. I have been using Ezoic for this site (which is primarily a personal finance blog) since June of 2021 and have also added a number of other blogs in different niches to Ezoic over that time.

Overall, my experience has been really positive (with a few hiccups, which I’ll get into later), but here’s my short answer on whether Ezoic is worth it:

Ezoic is worth it if you have an early to mid-stage website and want potentially higher revenue than you would get through Google Adsense. Because Ezoic eliminated traffic requirements, even a small website can use its platform to generate meaningful revenue. Ezoic also offers free hosting and speed optimization features, which can help a fledgling website get off the ground.

Now there are other benefits (and drawbacks too), which I’ll get into later on.

I’ll cover what Ezoic is, some of its best features (including revenue enhancement options), and the process for getting on Ezoic, and much more.

It’s important to bear in mind though that my results on Ezoic may not exactly match yours. How much you will make depends on a lot of factors, including your ad network, traffic levels, where your readers live, the topics you write about, and even the time of year (with fourth quarter often being the most lucrative season due to higher advertising budgets).

Ok we’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s get into it!

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What Is Ezoic?

Ezoic is a technology platform for digital publishers looking to optimize ad revenue and enhance user experience. They use machine learning to figure out the best size and location to fire ads on your site by collecting user behavior and optimizing based on that.

They are not an ad network like Google Adsense, but they essentially perform a similar function by allowing publishers to make money through ad revenue when they get on their platform.

What Are Some of Ezoic’s Best Features?

Now let me turn to some of the best features that Ezoic offers. They provide a ton of value along so many dimensions, so I have narrowed it down to a handful of the most compelling benefits.

Heightened Advertising Revenue

image of stack of money on computer with passive income paper

The best feature offered by Ezoic is their relatively high ad revenue. In my experience, they pay far better than Google Adsense. When I made the switch from Adsense to Ezoic, it literally transformed my revenue from pennies to dollars. It was significant.

Now I can’t say that everyone will experience that kind of bump, but I definitely did.

And they offer some great ways to boost your revenue, such as their Ezoic Premium program. In this invitation only program, you get access to their premium advertisers who in most cases tend to pay higher ad rates. They have several tiers and plans within each tier, so you can really customize your costs and potential revenue bumps.

They also make it risk free – you will have a monthly subscription fee, but they basically make sure that your additional revenue more than covers it. I have used it to meaningfully increase my revenue as my site has grown.

Site Speed Enhancements Through LEAP

Another great feature of Ezoic is their LEAP speed optimization service. In general, ads tend slow down your site – Ezoic addresses this by offering a suite of solutions through LEAP that you can implement to improve your site’s speed. They monitor your site’s Core Vital Scores, identify issues that are slowing your site down and offer solutions to address them.

These days, site speed is a Google ranking factor, so it’s nice that LEAP can help you keep your site blazing fast.

Free Hosting

As mentioned, you also get free hosting if you operate a wordpress blog (which I suspect is probably the most common type of content management system used by serious bloggers), which is a nice perk and can save you anywhere between $50 to $200 per year in hosting fees.

Video Content With Humix (Make More Money with Video Ads)

A recent option that Ezoic has made available is Humix. This is basically a service that allows you to monetize videos that you place on your website. In my case, they actually created a number of videos by converting existing blog posts. I am not sure they offer that to everyone, though.

In any case, if they won’t do it for you, you can easily create text to video using a platform like Canva. It’s what I use to create my YouTube videos, so I can confidently say that you can create high quality videos using it. You can use the free version, but I use the paid version because it is pretty affordable and has many more images and video clips to choose from (like way more).

Once you have a video, you can place it in the corresponding article and get additional ad revenue from it because video ads will play before the video starts.

On top of that, having videos on your site can be a nice way to make your articles more interesting to your audience and these videos can be optimized to help rank on Google. It’s a win-win.

I have used this service as well and the videos they created for me are actually not bad…they lack the human touch that a professional YouTuber may bring, but given that they did this for free, I can’t complain!

How Do I Sign Up For Ezoic?

Signing up is easy and risk-free.

There is no traffic requirement to sign up and you don’t need to pay anything to do it. Also, you can keep using Ezoic at no cost (although I have chosen to pay the Ezoic Premium monthly fee once I got invited to the program because it makes you more money overall).

If you want to learn more and sign up (and help support the blog in the process), you can do so by clicking my affiliate banner below.

Now I will state that getting set up can take some time and effort (and it can be frustrating at times). But keep at it. I definitely had some challenges at the outset because I am really not tech savvy at all and the help center guys had to hold my hand a lot. But once it was set up, it was definitely worth it.

Is Ezoic Worth It For Larger Sites?

This is a great question. As you may have heard, the two most premium ad networks for bloggers are Mediavine and Adthrive. They pay well and have sterling reputations.

But they also have really tough traffic requirements. Mediavine requires at least 50,000 sessions (not pageviews) and Adthrive requires 100,000 pageviews. If you are a small blog, you can’t access these platforms.

But what if you are a larger blog and considering whether you should go with Mediavine (which has the lower traffic theshhold among the two) vs Ezoic.

Now I have not tried Mediavine yet, although I do have the traffic numbers to do it. I suspect that my site will perform quite well on Mediavine, though. I am considering changing to see how well Mediavine compares to Ezoic and will write an updated post once I have some data to share.

Anecdotally, I hear that Adthrive and Mediavine are neck and neck when it comes to monetization and Ezoic is slightly less. But I have no proof of that. And Ezoic does offer some really nice incentives for larger sites and they have been stepping up their game a lot over recent years, so the “conventional wisdom” may no longer apply.


So there you have it – my views on whether Ezoic is worth it and a detailed look into what Ezoic has to offer. Hope this has been helpful and happy blogging! If you want to learn more about blogging including how to start a successful blog from scratch, check out my complete tutorial on the topic here.