Biggest Semi-Truck Sleeper Cabs [5 Unbelievable Custom Builds]

If you want to check some true kings of the road, you are in right place.

In this article, I am going to cover some absolutely behemoth semi-truck sleeper cabs, with most coming in at well over 200″. Not only that, these sleepers have been highly customized and offer some really cool and unique features that you won’t find in your standard sleeper.

So enjoy a sneak peek into these sleepers that basically look like high end houses on the inside.

You’ll find video walkthroughs of each of these sleepers (and I’ve edited the youtube link so you can skip all of the introductory shots and jump straight into the interior tours). I’ve also watched each video several times and have shared some of the biggest highlights and interesting features in these trucks.


Unbelievable – Gigantic Kenworth W-990

This gigantic 2020 Kenworth W-990 almost defies belief, clocking in at 261″. Despite its simple but clean looking white exterior design, the inside has some amazing features. They include:

  • Ultra modern and high end, full-sized stainless steel refrigerator with bottom drawer freezer
  • Really upscale kitchen, with granite countertops, modern glass backsplash, electric range, microwave, dark wood cabinets, and top of the line faucets and fixtures.
  • Full bath, with shower (again great tilework everywhere) and matching cabinets
  • 100 gallon water tank under the bed
  • Of course, it has everything else that you would expect from a luxury sleeper, including full-sized TV, table/work area, and bed.

For me, it’s the little luxury touches that make this sleeper stand out. For example, the steps that lead into the sleeper are appointed with cool grey tiles that add a really elegant touch as soon as you walk in. That type of attention to details continues throughout the sleeper making it a place you can really enjoy spending time in.

This Is An Absolute Monster of a Peterbilt

This amazing Peterbilt sleeper has a bold yellow exterior but an elegant interior.

First, it has beautiful leather seats, perfect for driving comfortably on those long hauls. Inside the sleeper itself, you will find stonework on the entry stairs, just like the Peterbilt, and wood flooring (at least it looks like wood) throughout.

The fridge in this sleeper is also stainless steel, but seems smaller and narrower than the one in the Peterbilt. It also does not have the bottom drawer freezer that is popular in higher end modern homes these days, but it’s still really nice.

This sleeper has comparable finishes to the Peterbilt, like granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, but has a drop down TV and red LED lighting on the ceiling for great visibility to the interior without distracting you while you’re driving. One unique feature of this sleeper is that it has separate sinks – definitely not a basic build.

To me, the bathroom seems smaller than the Peterbilt, but still has everything you need, including a shower.

There’s a nice dropdown bed that comes out of the backwall and a cozy little table and sofa setup that allows you to unwind and just chill. The owners also love to golf, so there storage for that too.

Largest Volvo? At an enormous 222″, Maybe…

This beautiful red Volvo operates on a whole different level from other sleepers on the road.

Ok, let’s not bury the lead here. According to the owners, this is Volvo’s largest sleeper with a garage. In total, it measures in at 222″, with the sleeper clocking in at 168″ and the garage at 54″. The owner is a motorcycle guy and wanted to always have his bike with him, which is why this unique setup was made.

Similar to the other sleepers, you’ve got high end a stainless steel fridge and lots of cabinet space, but because of the garage, the living quarters are smaller than the other trucks (but still very respectable). The owners are a couple and they have a dog, so it’s large enough to fit everyone’s needs.

As you would expect, there’s a full bath, with a shower and it’s got a Bed/Dinette Set, which means that you can enjoy a dinette area when you are not sleeping and then fold the bed out from the wall when it’s time for some shut eye. Helps to save space and still have all of the comforts of home.

Now onto the garage. It’s large enough to comfortably and securely store a large motorcycle and is set up so that one person can ramp it down to the ground. That’s because it has a motorized ramp that helps with this, which you can see operating in the video.

Humongous 216″ Kenworth Super Sleeper

This custom Kenworth sleeper cab boasts a floor to ceiling fridge, drop down TV, queen-sized bed, full-sized wardrobe, and tons of cabinet space. It also has an electric camper awning outside that rolls out, a Traeger smoker that pulls out of the side of the truck, as well as a pull out exterior TV.

This allows for convenient and delicious barbeques while watching the game. Just awesome…

One of the things that I love about this truck is its storage space. On top of the plentiful cabinet and closet space, it has a spacious tool room in the back (36″) where you can store tools (obviously) as well as other overflow items.

Gorgeous Peterbilt Sleeper-Trailer Combo (200″ Sleeper)

Gorgeous sleeper includes the following:

  • High quality wood doors and wood cabinets throughout, with separate bedroom containing a large bed (and a bonus bunk bed in a different room)
  • Full bath, with separate shower stall
  • Spacious dining table and booths
  • I am taken aback by how much cabinet space is all around!

Now, this truck is also different from the other trucks above because it also has a customer trailer, which includes a lounge area with a seating area, a fridge, sink, microwave, and bathroom (with shower). It also has a separate area with a leather couch and other amenities. Simply amazing!


So there you have it – 5 gigantic kings of the road and some cool features for each of them. If you want to learn more about semi-truck sleeper cabs, check out my full article on the everything you need to know about semi-truck sleeper cabs. I discuss size and layouts, amenities, a run down of major brands and models, and most importantly, what you can expect to pay.

It’s also chock full of photos and videos of interiors, so you can get a real sense of what these trucks are like.